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It was one of those nights when everything seemed...okay, even by Magnus' standards. He was simply sitting alone in the park, thinking of nothing other than Loraine, enjoying life as it flowed along the strings of time. There wasn't a hell of a lot to do this night, and the park had seemed like the best place to go for a relaxing moment or two.

Magnus was one to believe in fate, in reason. He believed he had picked the rotted bench he so comfortably sat on for a logical explanation, just as his mind had thought it peaceful here for a sensible cause, even if the cause was nothing more than enjoying one night out of his hectic and flipflopped life.

Things had changed since he had fallen in love with someone, and things had changed even more since he had been forced to turn her. Usually, he fostered deep anger at this fact, but tonight his mind stood against that and simply circled around the wonderful facts of an undead life- her.


Well. Her. He leaned back on the bench, though the view was dreadful; mostly smog, but through small holes in the neverending grey sky lay the stars. He had never really been impressed by the pinpricks in the sheet of sky, and tonight was not an exception, considering he couldn't see them.

Though he was aware of the fact he wasn't the only creature in the park, it didn't seem to matter. Let something attack him. He'd simply laugh- for a least ten seconds, of course.

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She was going to let it get to her was his worry. She was going to take being a Vampire to heart and neglect the things she held most important to herself when she was alive- this never had to be the case. But it made Magnus feel an emotion that was rare, and hardly kept itself in his vocabulary- frustrated.

Ah, the wonders of humanity and their pubs, bars, dance clubs, and occasional meals. The absolute brilliance in an alcoholic drink, one of which Magnus did not even know the name of, pouring down his unwelcoming throat. Every time the vampire took a drink, he winced- but he was sure many others, immortal or not, did the same on a daily basis. No wonder so many did it everyday, no wonder the joint he was in- a shabby, dreadful little bargain basement on the north end of town- was so crowded with people dancing partially naked and others curled up next to their drinks, crying to the wall about how horrible they’ll get it when they drag their selves home.

It was almost a depressing place, but Magnus hardly noticed. Who the hell cares about the woes of life when you’re human? Eventually they’ll all end. And there was no point to depression as he was, either.

Yet he sat in this bar, drinking a foreign drink to him, staring off into the dank club with a icy blue, unreadable eye.

The bartender had automatically placed Magnus’ ninth drink in front of him when the last was finished, but this time had something to say. “’Yer gonna rob this joint of all it’s money if ya don’t start payin’ up.”

The glass that Magnus was holding shattered, and quicker than the eye could normally see the vampire had hopped over the bar and slashed the the man's throat, only pausing a split second to watch the crimson delight pour in pints onto the floor.

Simple as that, really. He didn’t need explanation for his actions- anyone who had noticed him seemed too drunk to even give him an evil look.

It didn’t matter. He would have died at some point sooner or later. The night crawler hopped back over the bar, grabbed his drink, chugged it down and calmly put the glass down with a soft thud as he strode out of pub without another look.

Only now were the people beginning to notice, for their bartender wasn’t around to serve them their minutely desoberizer.

But Magnus felt his job was unfinished. He took one more look at the bar, walked back to the window and pulled out a crisp hundred dollar bill. Quickly finding tape from one of his lower pockets, he stuck it to the hundred and smacked the piece of paper onto the window, right underneath the flickering open sign.

Now satisfied with the work that had been accomplished tonight, the vampire stalked off quickly down the street, having a newly acquired taste for murder. It tempted him to do more experiments, more testing. But he’d have to find Trinity for that.

And…her…what would she think? The thought saddened his eyes, and he glanced down at his feet. There were faint speckles of blood on them, but not from tonight. Was his lover even going to stick around?

The vampire quickened his steps. It was strange to see an empty street in the middle of NY, but this seemed to be what his boots were clanking against.

But one was never truly alone.

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DISCLAIMER: You fucking experiments-waiting-to-be cannot make fun of me for this. Do not mock me, do not try to piss me off, and I won't ask this of you twice.

I was just..doing what I damn well do best. Experimenting with a program...

Shut up, will you? I can already hear you all teasing me. So shove it.

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Everyone knew what an angry night was, and something, somewhere, had decided to give this vampire one tonight.

He was angry. And for no apparent reason.

His feet drifted down a street in the depths of darkness- but there was no sky to look up at. Too cloudy, too rainy, but it was worthy of eyes nevertheless. His mind was not where it was supposed to be, it was somewhere else deep within himself, switching from thinking about the anger that was flared up inside of him and her.

She calmed his soul, but only slightly, until something else fed the fire. Something small, anything small. A raindrop in his eye. A clank too loud from his coat pocket. This had never happened before. And if it ever had, he had always been too distracted to notice.

But tonight was one of those laid-back stormy nights that tossed Magnus into a flurry of complicated nothings.

He had to torture something. Kill something. Do something that made sense to him for once in the last week.

But none of that appealed to him, even. His eyes blinked away the rain and he shook his body, causing the water to fly swiftly off of his coat.

There had to be some being out this night that would satisfy his need.
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Magnus was happy with his accomplishment. Very happy.

He had found himself a new laboratory, and he hadn't have to kill anyone. Good, good. Especially since he wasn't good at that whole killing thing, and hadn't killed anyone since he had turned Trinity. Then again, he had given her a new life.

He smiled at this thought as he cast a look at the truck full of trinkets in front of him. Glass, spices, glowing material - you name it, he had it.

Yet he was already hiding in his new office. Scrawny goth wannabe vampires were bringing his things in, very carefully, and placing them on the tables that were scattered around the room. It just looked like someone was moving in between two other businesses. Nothing strange, unless you looked into the boxes.

But no one in this city was as curious as that, as they barely gave his minions enough space to rush by as they continued walking, running, chatting on their cellphones, heading in whatever direction their jobs beaconed them in.

And just to think, a vampire was moving in as they ignored the world around them. It was almost a gleeful thought to Magnus- it was almost too easy.

Magnus rolled his eyes as he picked up a vile, the container glowing dimly with a green light. His thoughts had trailed to last night, and the night before, and that girl....what was wrong with him? Why couldn't he just do his job and move on? His mind didn't seem to want to take the easy route this time. It wanted to throw in random emotions to complicate the situation, which it was doing a bangup job of.

He slinked down to the corner. It wasn't even midday yet, and the movers were probably going to be out there the rest of the day, eagerly moving everything in and putting it in order for the lazy Magnus. He had promised to turn each one of them into a vampire if they would help him.

Hah. As if. And if he did, they'd just be his first batch of new experiments.

He set the vile down on the ground, stretched out, and decided it would be best to just take a nap. This operationg of moving had been one of the less difficult tasks of the last century, and even if he was curious as to why, soon he fell into a dreamless sleep - if you could even call it that.

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